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Resurrected Girl Personal Development Coaching
Many of the people I meet are somewhat curious about what life coaching is, and how it can benefit them. In short, counseling is about healing the past; coaching is about designing a purposeful future. Coaching is a unique relationship where we partner together to move you toward your goals and purposes. My role is to listen intently to your words and your heart, to reflect back to you God’s design upon your soul, to help you chart a path forward and illuminate the immediate steps on that path. It is built on friendship, but it is much more than that…a powerful alliance that God will use to uncover his purposes for your life.

Getting Started

  • Contact me using the contact information link at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to me. I will send you a welcome packet of materials describing more about what coaching is and how it works at Resurrected Girl Coaching. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out about your personal goals and intentions for change and development.
  • We will schedule a free 30 minute introductory consultation to get acquainted. Then, if we both feel it’s a good fit we will begin our coaching relationship. The usual format is 3 weekly phone calls that last 45-55 minutes, over an initial three month period. We will also communicate between appointments through email and phone calls as necessary.
  • The fee for full time coaching is $300/month. Payment is processed on your credit card at the beginning of each month; a partial first month will be pro-rated.

Are you ready to move forward into more focused living?

Coaching is not therapy but it is based in personal growth
and client initiated change. ~Coach Ally

Coaching Endorsement
"Ally has a gift for not only listening to your words, but hearing your underlying concerns, struggles and victories.  Through the adept use of these gifts, Ally will guide you to places of focused self-exploration that will unlock your passions and purpose in life."
Kathy Pride, Author of “Winning the Drug War at Home