Resurrected Girl


It is my vision to reach the hearts of women from every avenue of life, encouraging them to embrace the reality of who God intended them to be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live according to the plan God has for you…wouldn’t you like to experience the peace that comes from answering the call that has been placed on your heart? Finding the answers to those questions helped me discover how I could move forward into a life that allowed me to live out my passion while embracing the vision of who God wanted me to be.

Resurrected Girl Writing
Every person has a story to tell and it is my honor to provide words to the thoughts, emotions and ideas that reveal the truth in an authentic and encouraging way. I am a contributing writer for the Christian Coaching Magazine and author of, "Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere," that will soon be available at your local bookstore, through Eagle Rock Books, or Amazon.

Resurrected Girl Speaking
It is my desire to share my passion about life and what God is doing with it. Through speaking, God has given me a vision of how to reach the hearts of women everywhere who are suffering in silence, existing in the shadows and believing their lives are not worth living. I pray that as He gives me words to speak, they will resonate with the heart of every woman, calling them out of the shadows into lives filled with abundance!

Resurrected Girl Personal Development Coaching
Coaching is a unique relationship where we partner together to move you toward your goals and purposes. My role is to listen intently to your words and your heart, to reflect back to you God’s design upon your soul, to help you chart a path forward and illuminate the immediate steps on that path. It is built on friendship, but it is much more than that…a powerful alliance that God will use to uncover his purposes for your life.







My name is
Allison Johnson and
I'm a Life Coach,
Speaker and Writer but
most importantly,
a follower of
Jesus Christ.