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Every person has a story to tell and it is my honor to provide words to the thoughts, emotions and ideas that reveal the truth in an authentic and encouraging way. I am the author of, "Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere," that will soon be available at your local bookstore, through Eagle Rock Books, or Amazon. Approximately six million people suffer from bi-polar disorder in the United States today. The burdens of this mental illness on love and marriage rest heavily on the shoulders of many couples who don’t seek proper treatment or acknowledge the havoc being wrought in their daily lives. Through our personal journey, we learned to understand and deal with the bi-polar disorder in the realm of our marriage to the ultimate success of our relationship as well as our individual lives. Read Chapter 1 (.pdf)

Imagine entering into a new profession, you don’t know anyone and you are at a complete loss as to how you would begin connecting with other people in your same field. This is a daunting situation where many new coaches find themselves, as they enter the coaching arena. Not only are they new to the field, but they find themselves isolated because of their lack of knowledge and experience. This article focuses on the new coach, their excitement about becoming a part of the coaching community, their fears and misgivings, and how to begin building their own network.
Read “Wow, I’m a Coach…Now what do I do?” (.pdf)

Writing Endorsements
"Whether or not you have grappled with mental illness or marital strife, Waking Up In The Middle Of Nowhere will leave you breathless and restore your hope in the God for whom nothing is impossible."
~ Sharon L. Fawcett, author of HOPE FOR WHOLENESS: The Spiritual Path to Freedom from Depression.

Waking Up In The Middle Of Nowhere” will rock your world! Told with insight and sensitivity, Ally’s story alternately stuns and inspires. Ultimately, it will equip you to bridge the gap for others.”
~ Jerome Daley, ACC, DPM
Leadership Coach and Church Consultant, author of five published books

"Ally’s story of despair transformed into victory is at once captivating, gut-wrenching, and full of hope. From the first chapter, you are welcomed into a world that all too many people know, and too few are willing or able to share with others. But with Ally and Grant, the door is courageously flung open so that others who live in the same kind of world can find real hope for healing and restoration.”
~ Roger Erdvig, M.Ed.
President, Center for the Advancement of Christian Coaching

"Waking Up In The Middle Of Nowhere should be prescribed reading for every married couple in a bi-polar marriage."
~ Robert Emmitt,
Senior Pastor, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas

"Waking up in the Middle of Nowhere is a gift to anyone needing to know that someone else has been there and understands the challenges and heartaches and triumphs unique to a bipolar marriage."
~ Joanne Heim,
Author of Misplacing God: And Finding Him Again, and Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More

"Waking up in the Middle of Nowhere, is a gripping memoir from the darkness of untreated disease to the light of hope. For the person who loves someone with Bipolar Disease, this memoir will be a friend in the storm, helping you to hold on until the sun shines through the clouds once again."
~ Craig Von Buseck
Director of Ministries
Christian Broadcasting Network,